Styling by Peter Georgiades

Photography by Sasha Olsen // @sashaxolsen

Model Karl Kugelmann // @karl_kugelmann with Fanjam Management // @fanjam_management

Fashion by Peter Georgiades // @petergeorgiades with DISCO Creatives // @discocreatives

Make-up & Hair Claudine Németh // @claudinethequeen

Photography Assistant Juandre Naude with Gloss Artist Management // @gloss_artist_management

Styling by Louw Kotze

Published by Fucking Young // @fuuuckingyoung
Photographed by Michael Oliver Love // @michaeloliverlove with Hero Creative Management // @herocreativemanagement
Styling by Louw Kotzé // louw.77
Grooming by Inga Hewett // @ingahewett with Hero Creative Management // @herocreativemanagement
Model Aaron Shandel // @aaronshandel with Kult Models // @kultsouthafrica

Styling by Charlotte Gindreau

Photography by Jessica Sidenros  with Freda+Woolf

Styliste : Charlotte Gindreau  with  DISCO Creatives // @discocreatives

Mise en beauté : Nicola Kurdziel //  @kultartists

Models  Lasse, Merle, Sophie Z, Akira, Anna H  with Junior Models

Rita, Soolyn, Dalia with Lichtkind

Photography by Elie Benistant

Client Maison Kitsune // @maisonkitsune

Photography by Elie Benistant // @eliebenistant with DISCO Creatives // @discocreatives

Styling by Morgane Nichols // @morganecamillenicolas

Styling by Chloe Andrea Welgemoed, hair by Saadique Ryklief and makeup by Alex Botha

Client Romaria Knitwear // @romaria_knitwear

Creative Studio – Spaanspeck // @spaanspeck

Photographer – Paul Samuels // @paulmsam

Photography Assist – Olivia Mortimer // @mortimer_olivia

Stylist & Art Director – Chloe Andrea

Welgemoed // @chloeandreawelgemoed with DISCO Creatives // @discocreatives

Styling Assist – Jana-Marie De Jager // @jmdejager_.

Mua Alex Botha // @alexandra_julliet_mua with DISCO Creatives // @discocreatives

Mua Assist Jennifer Rose Krug // @_ivnnifer_

Hair Saadique Ryklief // @saadique with DISCO Creatives // @discocreatives

Featuring @farahsamsoodeen  @syntiche_kabuya  @shakirahsithole  @jodie_ennik  @yasminfurmie

Styling by Peter Georgiades
Model Lauren Buys // @lauren.buys with Sister Management // @sister.mgmt
Photographer Andy Reeves // @andyandyreeves
Stylist Peter Georgiades // @petergeorgiades
Hair Claudine Németh // @claudinethequeen
Make-up Alice Coloriti // @alicecoloriti
DOP Pieter Steyn // @pietergsteyn
Digi assist Robin Schnetler // @robin.schnetler
Lighting Delaney Dempers // @delaneydempers
Track Kieran Legg // @kieeerann
Production Baker&Co // @bakerandcoprod
Studio Roodebloem Studios // @roodebloemstudios
Gear Sunshine Co // @sunshinecoza
Photography by Alix-Rose Cowie

Collaboration with Sweet Lionheart // @sweet.lionheart and Lana Fredericks //

Photography by Alix-Rose Cowie // @alixrosephoto with DISCO Creatives // @discocreatives

Art Direction & Props Styling by Lana Fredericks //

Food Concepts & Styling by Nikki Albertyn // @nikkialbertyn

Styling by Dalton Smit

Photography by Ian Engelbrecht // @imageian with One League // @oneleague_agency

Digital Assistant Craig Totten  // @craig__totten

Lighting Assistant Lunghelo Mlati // @theblvr_za

Stylist Dalton Smit // @dalton.smit with DISCO Creatives // @discocreatives 

 Styling assistant Courtney Taljaard // @skrrtny with DISCO Creatives // @discocreatives 

Hair + Makeup Artist Kelly Paitaki // @kellypaitakihairmakeup

Content Strategist Kutlwano Mabusela // @kutlwano_mabusela

Style lead Akim Jardine // @akimjardine

Art Director Mario Ogle // @marioogle

Producer Nina Levi-Magnussen // @its_me_ninalevi

Production Assistant Dewald Louw

Hair & Makeup by Alex Botha
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