Luke Doman

Initially intending to pursue a career in styling, Luke transitioned into stills photography, first as a means to document the skateboarding and nightlife scenes in which he was immersed, and ultimately as a way to build a styling portfolio at a time in which access to quality photographers was tough. Fast forward 5 years and Luke has worked with brands like Levi’s, adidas and Nike, as both stylist and photographer.


At the centre of Luke’s work sit themes of memory, imagination and romance. Luke seeks to explore through play, creating characters in his work that warrant the viewer apply their own imagination to fill in the gaps in the seemingly incomplete narrative. Like all good toys, Luke’s images find their magic in the space created for the mind to play.


In creative direction Luke explores themes of nostalgia and adolescence, unpacking the nuance in the romantic.


Luke is a self taught analogue photographer utilising both 120mm and 35mm photography as his vehicle.

+27 21 439 7222

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