Lili-Bo Ming

Lili Bo Ming is a photographer, videographer, junior creative researcher and aspiring cinematographer. As a multi facetted creative she is driven by a deep desire to connect with her subjects, explore and celebrate her feminine gaze in a male-dominated industry and tell visual narratives that educate and provide some kind of catharsis and understanding for her viewers. As one of the four 2020 Lampost Luminaries Fellowship recipients, Lili has spent the past 2 years working on both film and photographic projects with the industries top players. In conjunction to her creative mind, her film and philosophical UCT Bachelors’ Degree is very present in her way of story telling and results in striking and relevant imagery.


As an all round creative, Lili aspires to be able to discover, deconstruct and recreate the alluring and yet neglected and overseen ethereal beauty of life, “art will always be a means of connecting with others, a sort of spiritual communion”.

+27 21 439 7222

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