Legae Sehlako

Legae Sehlako, better known as ‘Blackmilk’,  was raised in the township of Soweto, South West of Johannesburg, South Africa. Her career began with her passion for film and television as a young teenager and her interest in fashion as she grew older, leading her into the world of fashion photography. Her view has always been from a lens of vivid colours and the understanding that the creation of stunning images is a collaborative effort.


Over the past 6 years, Legae has worked in fashion and advertising as a photographer, videographer and creative director. She’s worked on both sides of the creative fence, jumping in front of the camera and appearing in a TV commercial for Darling Hair.


As a photographer and director, Legae has worked on brands such as Nike, Netflix, Adidas, Flying Fish, Fila, Malfy Gin, Mr Price, Sony and her work has covered the likes of Cosmopolitan, Glamour and GQ Magazine.


Through her work with Sony Middle East & Africa, Legae has made it her mission to share her knowledge with upcoming photographers in South Africa, and across the continent, with her key focus being on working with females looking to get into the  creative space.


+27 21 439 7222

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