Showcasing photographer Ollie Ali

Showcasing photographer Ollie Ali on Disco Creatives




Ollie Ali is a British-born photographer of a mixed English, Irish and Indian heritage who has worked globally shooting fashion, portraiture and advertising for over 7 years. His work captures a candid energy with a focus on people, primarily capturing location based work, crafting natural light and working with dynamic surroundings and his creative teams to tell stories. His signature styles portray a warm-golden feel and authentic expression.

Ollie Ali was drawn to photography from a young age. Wanting to document the stories of those around him and tell his own story, he decided to leave the academic system and pursue a life in the creative world. He quickly found his camera to be a passport and an all access pass to a diversity of stories and cultures, travelling globally documenting everything from travel projects to fashion campaigns. He found a passion, and a window into the lives of so many he’d once been inspired by. He has continued to document his relationships to the life around him, creating work which reflects his experiences of the world, moulded by the interactions and creative collaborations he finds along the way.

Ollie Ali strives to inspire new generations to leave behind that which holds them back, finding freedom in their very own passions.

Previous clients include Jimmy Choo, Dolce & Gabbana, Jigsaw, New Balance, Nike, Apple, Canon, Facebook and many more.

Showcasing photographer Ollie Ali on Disco Creatives




Ollie Ali