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Showcasing photographer Oriane Verstaeten // @orianeverstraeten_ on Disco Creatives // @discocreatives

Oriane Verstraeten is a Belgian photographer based in Antwerp. Since a very young age she was intrigued by the skate & surf culture. Oriane loves a good mix of color and black & white film. Exciting adventures , 80s music & documenting the people that inspire her. Oriane likes to combine fashion & documentary in one story, where she is always on the lookout for the beauty in imperfection.

After finishing as a summer graduate at Central Saint Martin, London she decided to focus on analogue photography complemented by  strong digital skills.  Oriane her style can be  best described as a pure vision with a surreal dimension. Travelling between Antwerp, Paris & Capetown she loves to shoot a mix of streetstyle & studio.

Verstraeten’s clients include Ann Demeulemeester, Central Saint Martin, London, Natan Couture, AZ Factory, Komono, Alicia Audrey, Zalando Global, Emma Bale, Meryll Rogge, Flanders Fashion Institute, Wrangler, Mr Mittens, FUCKING YOUNG! Magazine, Knack Weekend, Contributor Magazine, Vice Magazine, Enfnts Terribles Magazine, Sea Me Happy Apparel, Alicia Audrey, Izabo, Horst, Tessa Dixson, Murielle Scherre, Igor Dieryck, Antwerp Fashion Department, Teeth Magazine, OD Magazine, MHKA Contemporary art museum, Johnny Blood and Facon Jacmin.


Oriane Verstraeten