Introducing Stylist Tanith Swinford

Stylist Tanith Swinford now represented by Disco Creatives



Introducing stylist Tanith Swinford now represented by Disco Creatives!


South African-born creative Tanith Swinford is a creative director, strategist and stylist. She is also a fashion designer and co-founder of the ethical denim brand Jota-Kena.


Her design work has been featured in several fashion publications including British Vogue, Elle & Marie Claire. Jota-Kena has also been awarded the prestigious Butterfly Mark from Positive Luxury for sustainability.


Tanith’s background includes a degree in Business and Economics and working in Public Relations in the luxury goods industry for brands such as Louis Vuitton.


This foundational experience combined with a hands-on approach to brand expansion and an innate curiosity that has Tanith continually immersed in the world of art, design and fashion, have given her a well-rounded insider’s look into many facets of the global fashion industry.


From product development to extensive travels, working abroad, conceptualizing shoots and as of recent pursuing a career in styling back in Cape Town, Tanith has come to embrace the creative chaos of a multi-hyphenate career, fully coming alive in her various roles.

A hard-working visionary never short of ideas, Tanith strives toward the big picture without neglecting the details, believing fully that in both work and life, greatness is a lot of small things done well.


Swinford’s client list includes Asandé, Via Wax, Meg Taljaard, Jota-Kena, Summah, Supersport, Nike & Maison Mara.