Anton du Preez

Good taste, good decisions and specificity are what separate great directors from average ones. Anton is anything but average. With an aesthetic and a comedic style belonging entirely to him, Anton brings a sense of wonder, innocence and humour to the projects he directs. A look through Anton’s work is a look through him as a person – he is easy-going, smart, funny and a pleasure to be around. You might’ve guessed by now that we love him and his work. So does Nike, having created eleven projects together. And you know what? You’re going to love him too.

Anton’s clients include Nike, Adidas, Beats,, Hugo Boss, Mr. Porter, Fjällräven, Specialized, Soundcloud and Louis Vuitton.


The ACG Guide | How to Find Your Outdoor Adventure | Nike
Nike By You | What If You Were A Shoe?
Bob Swann | Short Documentary
Nike ACG | Peace on Earth
Nike ACG | Zoom Terra Zaherra
Beats x Malbon
Fjällräven x Specialized | The Great Nearby Ep. 1
Fjällräven x Specialized | Find The Great Nearby Ep.2