Andréa Katzeff

Andréa Katzeff is a queer contemporary photographer and director, whose work has been inspired by the tumultuous emotions induced by societal norms and expectations. Recognised in her field for her unique art style, Katzeff consistently delivers provoking work which incites conversations around lighting, emotion, process, and style. She creates an uncommon friendship between darkness and light, capturing her subjects through a lens of empathy.


Her work is often summoned through her own experiences, emanating a cinematic and dark undertone. Having received a degree in English literature at the University of Cape Town, poetry serves as an imperative aspect of her work serving as inspiration for how Katzeff approaches a project. “Most of my personal work is based on poems I have written, my stills look like shots from a movie scene for a reason”. Katzeff’s work is very relevant but still seems to have a sense of art and timelessness to it.


Andréa’s client list includes Style Authority Magazine , Oath Magazine, Mission Statement Magazine, Gert Johan Coetzee, Diesel SA, Hurley SA, Deus Ex Machina, Sealand Gear, Vans SA and many more…

+27 21 439 7222